“Don’t Look Back in Anger”: Some Songs Don’t Get Old

I LOVED Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger” when it came out.  It was my favorite song for a long, long time.

Don’t ask me what made me think of it tonight…I have no idea.  I haven’t heard it in a couple of years probably, or even thought about Oasis in a long time. But once the song came into my mind, I couldn’t get it out again.  (I don’t really mind!)

I don’t know what it is about this song that I like so much – that I’ve always liked so much.  Usually when I get really attached to a song, it’s because it has lyrics I can interpret more literally.  I like lyrics.  But you can’t really do that in this song.  It’s more about images and an overall feel – and I love it.

I liked almost all of Oasis’s music way-back-when – and their in-your-face arrogance appealed to me a lot for some reason too.  I loved Liam’s voice.  (And being that I was young and unattached, the fact that I also thought he was REALLY HOT didn’t hurt anything.)  But yet it was THIS song (with Noel singing) that was my favorite.  (“Live Forever” is probably second.)

I think this song might actually be one of my all-time favorite songs EVER.  I don’t know that I can put it in the top spot – mainly because my top spot is rather mood-dependent.  Tonight this is a very strong contender for the top spot though!

It takes me back to a few very distinct moments in college.  (And yes, I realize that totally dates me!)  But it reminds me most of all of sitting on my bed in my apartment in one of the houses I lived in with my textbooks around me and the radio on beside me.

I had this ivy plant hanging on a hook by the bed in that bedroom, and a comforter with little yellow and orange and red flowers (it was actually cute) that I thought looked really pretty with the ivy next to it.

My bedroom in that house was TINY.  I was the last one to sign on to live there, so I ended up with the smallest bedroom – but I remember being very, very proud of how I decorated it.  I thought it was really charming!  (I have photos packed away somewhere that I actually took of it from all different angles before I moved, because I thought I did such a good decorating job.)

The house itself was pretty ratty, but there were nice wood floors and high ceilings in my bedroom.  I had candles all over the place that I lit all the time, and art posters on the wall.  It really did have a certain bohemian-ish charm, now that I think about it!

I had this atlas that I kept under my bed in that room, and I would look at it all the time and think about all of the places I wanted to travel to “someday.”  I remember listening to Oasis (this was around the time I got really into them) and laying on my bed, with the ivy and the candles, and looking at my atlas and thinking about what it would be like to live in London (and imagining it to be pretty freaking cool.)

I think I have to ride this little wave of nostalgia now and go and play this album!


7 thoughts on ““Don’t Look Back in Anger”: Some Songs Don’t Get Old

  1. London is pretty cool… it’s also very expensive LOL Live in a town nearby… just not Luton LOL That’s my hometown… I used to travel down to London on the train – it would only take about 30 minutes – but Luton isn’t a place I’d recommend either LOL


    1. What’s undesirable about Luton? (If you’ve blogged about this, don’t feel you have to rehash here! Maybe give me a link, if it’s not too much trouble?? I just don’t remember reading about Luton on your blog.) 30 minutes by train from London sounds pretty nice in theory!


      1. Ummmm… well, it was voted the worst place to live in England in the mid 90’s… by it’s own residents LOL

        It’s an industrial town with little or no character. If you look it up in Wikipedia, it makes it sound alright (of course) but a lot of us ex-Lutonians would often drive and visit somewhere else at the weekend.

        It’s proximity to London is really one of the few things it has going for it LOL


  2. So I was cleaning out some junk in my basement over the weekend and I found an old MP3 player that I received as a gift back in 2001. It was pretty old-school and held around 200 songs. No fancy graphics, just gray, digital words that moved across the front of the screen as each song played. It did allow you to put songs in folders, so I started looking through each of mine and stumbled onto a folder I had titled “The Year My Life Fell Apart.” The year was 1996 and it was rough. My dad killed himself and my boyfriend went to prison. Lots of a angsty songs along with plenty that were popular around that time. Well, low and behold, there it was — “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis. I had scrolled through this post briefly when you first wrote it but was in a rush and didn’t read it closely. I think I saw it and planned to go back but never did. The moment I saw the song on the MP3 player I remembered this post and once I actually played the song I remembered that it had a huge significance for me. I was so hurt and angry at my father for so long and I suppose I used this song as a sort of anthem to move past my own anger. At some point I pretty much forgot about the song but when I played it this past weekend it took me back, but in a more positive way this time around. I recognized that while the hurt will always be there to some degree, I really have moved past my anger at my dad. I just thought this was cool and had to share. Thanks for sharing your musical journey. It has served as a good reminder to me of the importance and significance of music in my own life. I hope you’re well.


    1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this…and for the other comments I just saw in my queue as well. I’ve had a pretty rotten week+ (not the greatest start to the new year!) and haven’t even logged into WordPress because I have no faith in my ability to resist at the moment the urge to write some venting-ish, gripey post – and I try really, really hard not to write posts like that. (It doesn’t accomplish anything.) But I just now realized I actually hadn’t checked the account since I published my last post, so I thought I’d do it quickly here – and I’m so glad I did because your comments made me feel so much better! Thank you…seriously. For taking the time to read through that whole series, and for taking the further time to share. I really appreciate it. There’s something so crazy – and really wonderful – about being able to put thoughts and opinions and feelings and whatever out into the world, and experience a solidarity through that with somebody in a completely different part of the country (or world!) I love that always; I’m fascinated by it. It’s a huge part of why I blog rather than keep a private journal. But when I have stuff going on like I have in the past week? It just makes such a difference. I shouldn’t be letting things bother me as much as I am; it’s just judge-y people, dissatisfied with their own lives and feeling better about themselves by being critical of me and the way I’m navigating mine. I know this intellectually – and I could probably shake it off better if I had some circle of girlfriends to go out and get drinks with and vent with and otherwise touch base with and “re-set” with…you know? But I don’t. So it just becomes about rolling your eyes and soldiering through the irritation on you own. And I’m pretty independent, so that’s all right – but it just can feel very isolating sometimes. Reading your comments made me so happy! Just to have somebody get what I’m saying, and actually have memories that parallel mine…it’s just so satisfying! I think I really needed that!

      I have to stop typing or I’ll be late, but I’ll try to get back on and respond to some of the things you said in the other comments tonight. Thanks again!!!


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