Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

It was cold this morning, but the sky was the clearest, widest, most beautiful blue. My camera isn’t of a quality to do it any kind of justice – but I made the attempt:

IMG_20140218_103750_379And I realized, looking up at this sky, that this is my “treasure.” It’s not tangible – but it’s precious nonetheless:  It’s that the the sky is wide and the world is vast – and full of so much beauty, just waiting to be explored. Or just NOTICED!

When I remember this, I feel potential…so much potential. I feel infinite possibilities. I want to explore. I want to experience and do and LIVE.

It’s so easy to get distracted by mundane things (like, say, the dirty, sloppy melting snow I was kicking through and being a little annoyed by right before I took this. Or the rather banal suburban apartment complexes that surrounded me.) But I’m trying really hard to remember to look for beauty…because it’s there. It’s pretty much always there, in some form. Sometimes finding it is as simple as shifting your field of vision. (Look up!!)

When I remember to do that, I DO feel richer – like I’m in possession of some kind of treasure.

It’s one of my goals this year to remember with more regularity. (I’m finding that having a camera in my hand actually helps quite a bit!)


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