Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life


On the one hand, it’s a sidewalk in a stereotypically suburban area. (Near Fairfax, Virginia, to be specific.)

There’s nothing particularly wrong with this area…but nothing particularly right about it either – “right” being defined as interesting or compelling or captivating in any noteworthy way. It’s clean, it’s safe. It’s suburbia.

But that’s only one point of view.

There’s another that says it’s not a sidewalk at all. Rather, it’s a path that leads to a fabulous castle. Dragons could be flying overhead at any moment. There are almost certainly fairies hiding behind the buds in the newly-flowering trees (if they weren’t so quick, you could see them!) A sentry armed with a sword stands guard. (Mistake that sword for a tree branch at your own peril!)

This sentry reminds me on a daily basis that what you see around you very often comes down to the way you choose to see it.

Banal suburbia…or a magical realm full of possibilities?


(Contemplating the streets that surround me for WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge. “Street Life” is the theme this week.)


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