Weekly Photo Challenge: THRESHOLD

“I care that I can reach a hand out in the darkness and feel another hand.”

–Amanda Palmer (taken from a WONDERFUL blog post she published yesterday on the power of social media for connecting people.)


Social media – particularly blogging – has made such a difference to me in the last few years. The ability to sit down at my computer and share my thoughts – and find not only interest and receptivity coming back to me from all over the world, but also support? This has been an incredible gift.

It’s so empowering – just amazing, really – to realize that, though the person in the next room might not be capable of (or perhaps interested in) understanding you, there are people across a continent or an ocean who will and DO. There’s so much strength in that…so much wonderful solidarity. I’m so grateful to have felt that!!


“Threshold” is the the theme of this week’s Photo Challenge on WordPress. This is my entry:


My computer marks the threshold through which I reach out and into a world that has proven to be not only smaller and less intimidating than I grasped even a few years ago, but also so much wider and more expansive and just KINDER than I ever imagined.

I understand why people gripe about social media and the way it’s changed our interactions – but I think, all things considered, it’s a GOOD THING to be able to talk so freely and easily with anyone and everyone…in the WORLD. To be able to share ideas…to make connections.

I’m glad I live in this inter-connected age.

(Amanda Palmer speaks to this better than I can. Her post is so worth a read, if you get the opportunity.)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: THRESHOLD

  1. It’s really quite amazing, when you think about the world as it was 20 years ago… I can remember first going online in November 1997… it was like a door being thrown wide open LOL If I were to compare it to the wardrobe leading to Narnia… well, I wouldn’t be far wrong LOL


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