Weekly Photo Challenge: SPRING


Spring is sunshine and flowers. It’s new green leaves and bright blue skies, a rediscovery of fresh air after months of being cooped up indoors. I love Spring for all of these things. (It’s my favorite season!)

But Spring isn’t just these things. It’s not just about tangible beauty.

Spring is also about fresh starts…the beginnings of things. It’s about coming out of hibernation (mental as well as physical) and moving into living.

It’s about dreams…wishes. It’s about sending those out onto the breeze, into the world. It’s about hope, and the promise of things.


My first impulse when contemplating (per WordPress’s photo challenge this week) what Spring means to me was to take a picture of springtime beauty – a flower of some sort perhaps, I thought. And so I went out – and I took some lovely ones. But none of them felt right.

And that’s because the proper flower to include here, the true symbol of Spring, for me, is this one:


(And yes: I made a wish on this after I took the picture!)



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