Weekly Photo Challenge: BETWEEN

Photo Challenge:

This week, capture something between two things, reflect on the process of transition, or interpret this word in your own way.


My daughter Mae, at 5, sits right now on the cusp of baby and big kid. She is, I think, exactly “between” the two right now.

She’s counting down the days until she starts Kindergarten – because that means (she tells me) that she’s closer to starting vet school (and hence helping all of the animals in the world.) Oh, and also because Kindergarten probably has REALLY good toys.

She spends hours designing the house she wants to live in someday, complete with a vet’s office onsite and a landing pad for her airplane (because she plans to fly around the world, searching for sick animals that she can bring back and help.) And there’s a pretty nicely outfitted bedroom there for me – because she can’t envision a life that doesn’t include me in some integral fashion.

She wants to walk way out ahead of me on the path on our walk rather than hold my hand – because she’s a big girl and that’s what big girls do. But could I please hold her teddy bear? Her arm’s REALLY tired.

I guess I’m “between” too – because I look at her face and I can still see the baby I used to carry in the carrier strapped to my chest, who used to just watch my face and smile all day. But I can simultaneously see the “big girl” – and even, lately,  glimpses of the woman she’ll be someday.

“Between” with Mae is such an exciting place to be. I love watching her grow!

But it does mess with the heartstrings just a little bit too, I admit.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: BETWEEN

  1. Beautiful picture. My daughter is a college student and “between” being a teenager and an adult. Many of the things you describe at 5 come around again at 19 (although the teddy bear is tucked into her locker at school these days. She no longer sleeps with him, but likes to know he’s close by.


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