The 15 Songs You Should Be Listening to Right Now (courtesy of my 5-year-old daughter)

[A June 2015 update to this is here!]

I’ve mentioned previously that my daughter Mae, while she likes “kid music” well enough, prefers, if given the choice, to listen to a playlist she’s directed me to compile from songs pulled from MY (non-kid!) music library.

It’s a changeable list. If she hears me playing something that appeals to her, she’ll ask me to add it. She also requests deletions fairly often. This is her bedtime music, and she takes it VERY SERIOUSLY.

We’ve been managing this list together, she and I, for her whole life basically. I started it when she was a baby as a means of collecting in one place the songs I noted that she seemed to respond to (so that I’d have them in easy access for fussy, teething, naptime-y emergencies!) And then when she got old enough to understand that it existed, she pretty much took over the direction of it.

It’s been a fun little ongoing project. I like watching how her tastes ebb and flow.


So a few days ago, something really new happened with the list:  I bought (at her particular request) a song from iTunes specifically for her list (the theme song from the movie Frozen, which she saw for the first time about two weeks ago, and fell passionately in love with.)


Now, “Let it Go” isn’t exactly “Ring Around the Rosie.” As far as kid-oriented additions to my music library go, it’s not bad.

But here’s the thing: Adding this song represents a huge shift in the way Mae and I manage her list. This, after all, was a song that she heard, she came to love, and she desired to have regular (non-YouTube) access to. I might have done the actual purchasing – but everything else about acquiring this song was her. I wouldn’t have purchased it on my own.

And it’s occurred to me that this might be the beginning of a new era – one that’ll end up with her getting her own music player and her own collection of music, unique to her. (It might not even resemble mine!!!)

First she gets registered to start Kindergarten in the Fall….and now this.

Things are changing….and FAST all of a sudden.


Don’t get me wrong: It’s not that I regret her getting older or heading off to school. She’s ready to stretch her wings – and I’m ready to have more hours free in the day to devote to my own projects/work. I’ve loved (and continue to love) witnessing this interesting little person emerge from the tiny baby she was not that long ago – and I can’t wait to see how she wraps her arms around all the new experiences that are coming her way this Fall.


It’s just that it was only five years ago (only FIVE!) that I was carrying her around for much of the day in this baby carrier strapped to my chest. She loved that thing. I’d almost forget she was there, and then I’d glance down at her and she’d be smiling at me – so content and happy to be there.

The baby/tiny child years go so slowly while they’re happening! (Maybe that’s something to do with the haze of perpetual sleep deprivation??). But they’re really not slow at all.

It’s crazy, really – how fast the time has passed. It just hits me over the head sometimes.


Well, so I thought that, as we seem to be standing on the edge of some pretty big changes, Mae and I, it might be a good moment to log her current playlist – which, except for “Let it Go,” is compiled completely from things she likes of mine. This’ll serve as something of a benchmark to refer back to later (and with GREAT nostalgia when she goes through her Justin Bieber [or whoever the teen idol of the moment is when she gets to that age] phase!)

Except for “Let it Go” in the #1 spot and perhaps “Love is All Around” at #2, these are in no particular order.

(And yes, I know I said these are for bedtime play…and that some of them don’t seem very sleep-inducing. All I can say is that this is a kid who, as a baby, would fuss for “My Sharona.” [Seriously….that was my most reliable soother for her when she was cranky!]):

1. “Let it Go” – Idina Menzel

2. “Love is All Around” – R.E.M.

3. “My Silver Lining” – First Aid Kit

4. “True Blue” – Bright Eyes

5. “Kings and Queens – Unplugged” – Thirty Seconds to Mars

6. “Walk on the Ocean” – Toad the Wet Sprocket

7. “Find the River” – R.E.M.

8. “Angels” – The xx

9. “Trouble Me” – 10,000 Maniacs

10. “Pretty Good Year” – Tori Amos

11. “Superman” – R.E.M.

12. “You and I Belong” – Simone Felice

13. “The Wire” – Haim

14. “Intro” – The xx

15. “Just Breathe” – Pearl Jam


10 thoughts on “The 15 Songs You Should Be Listening to Right Now (courtesy of my 5-year-old daughter)

  1. LOL That’s awesome. My gf Joy has a four year old daughter who knows every word to Let It Go and will sing it at every opportunity. Personally, if I never hear Let It Go again I won’t be sorry but I have to give props to any songwriter who can write a song with the words “frozen fractals” in it LOL Having said that, she shocked us recently when we asked if she wanted to hear it and she said “no, I don’t have to hear it all the time you know.”

    She actually has a very good voice and is quite musical so we love it when she sings.

    (She also likes to sing Counting Stars by OneRepublic, which is great, particularly when she sings “Old, but I’m not that old, Young, but I’m not that bold” LOL)


  2. Nice blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog stand out. Please let me know where you got your design. Bless you gebgceeedcdf


  3. Did your daughter go to high-school in the early 90’s? That is solid taste for a five year old.

    The older I get the more my taste regresses past the classic rock that I was reared on and into the late 60’s early 70’s music that inspired it. I suspect, were I to have Children, they’d have the Zombies “Time of Season” and Bill Withers “Ain’t no sunshine” informing their romantic notions. I suspect they’d rebel against it, but it would introduce the all time great pick up line of “What’s you’re name? Who’s your daddy” Is rich like me?” at a prime developmental age.


    1. I didn’t have a chance to answer your comment until right now, but I think I read it almost immediately after you posted it this morning – and have had “What’s your name? Who’s your daddy?” etc playing in my head ALL DAY!! All comments should have music like that attached to them…to remind me throughout the day to go back and reply (because I’m not efficient about that at all.) Though that very possibly might drive me insane!

      I was just curious: was it the inclusion of Toad the Wet Sprocket in my musical library that dates me?? I graduated from high school in ’92 – so you were dead on with the “high school in the early ’90s” guess. But Tori Amos and 10,000 Maniacs and certainly R.E.M. would maybe have a wider-ranging appeal, I’d think? I mean, people might actually listen to them who weren’t around when they were first recording. Toad the Wet Sprocket though…does anybody even know who they are anymore? Are they even still a band? (I might have to look that up!)


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