Camera Experiments

Now that I’ve had my new camera for a month, I’m slowly getting less worried about damaging it accidentally (it’s the most expensive piece of equipment I’ve ever owned!) and a little more bold about seeing what it can do. It’s been interesting!

As far as a photography knowledge-base: I’ve been trying to feel my way along using books…and otherwise just getting out and experimenting. Yesterday I was all about messing with aperture – an exercise which produced kids shots like these:




And landscapes like this one:


And the best geese shots I’ve ever taken!:




I was so nervous about investing my very meager funds in a camera – but I went ahead and did it because I felt I was a point where I couldn’t progress any further as a photographer without a machine that would allow me more artistic control (the ability to change the settings and to change lenses, etc.)

And this has turned out to be a very good decision for me. It’s been really fascinating, getting to know this camera! I love that I’ve just barely scratched the surface – of it and of what I can do with it, and of photography in general. I love that there’s still so much yet to learn!

I think sometimes you just have to dive in and do things – give yourself a chance to see what you’re capable of. I’m really glad I didn’t talk myself out of making that investment!



3 thoughts on “Camera Experiments

  1. I bought me a 70d. I’m still learning and I get frustrated sometimes. I’ve been doing a lot of exercises too, I want to progress but I still lack the confidence. I love your shots! Great job.


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