(Literal) Reflections

About two months ago, I read a piece on the art site, My Modern Metropolis, titled “San Francisco Cityscapes Reflected in Fragmented Puddles.

I haven’t looked at puddles the same way since! Or ponds – or any other collection of water that might possibly give me a chance to take a picture as interesting as the ones in the article.

But I haven’t had any luck…I mean, at all. The reflections I’ve come across in the last several weeks have been, to a one, drab and colorless, bare silhouettes.

Until today, that is!


I was walking to the grocery store with my kids and we took the sidewalk that winds through a business park, skirting a pond. My kids love walking past this particular pond because there are koi fish in it – so we walk this way a lot.

Today it was a little murkier than usual. We could barely see the fish through the water.

The orangey color you see through the murk is a koi fish (maybe two.)
The orange-y color you see through the cloudy water is a koi fish (maybe two.)

So we looked at the fish as best we could…and then we went on to Whole Foods. We ate lunch there, so we were there a good hour.

Apparently that was just the right amount of time for the light to shift just the right amount. Because when we came back, rather than murkiness, we saw this:





It was really beautiful!

I think it must have been the opacity of the water that made the sky reflect so vividly?? Maybe that’s why the puddle reflections in that My Modern Met piece were so striking. Maybe the water I’ve encountered in the last few weeks has simply been too clear?

I’ll have to look for ways to test that hypothesis in future! I’m intrigued.


4 thoughts on “(Literal) Reflections

  1. You know, when I first saw the photo at the top of your post, I honestly thought they were sitting on top of a very tall building looking down through the clouds… and then I thought “where’s the ground?” LOL

    Hey… I’m tired πŸ˜›

    Very nice photos though πŸ™‚


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