Weekly Photo Challenge: DIALOGUE

From this week’s photo challenge:

“….[F]or this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into a dialogue. What do they say to each other?”




7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: DIALOGUE

  1. “Don’t let what happened to us as a child affect who we become as a man.”

    Perhaps my imagination is too far-fetched 🙂 . . . but that’s what I see a youth filled with sadness pleading with himself to not allow past pains affect his adult self, but alas his pleas fell on deaf ears, for their is still sadness and pain in his adult face.


  2. You know… I’m just going to say this… I thought about saying this in earlier posts but didn’t… but your son reminds me of James. Maybe it’s just because he wears glasses too… anyway, every time I see a photo of your son, I see James too… beyond that… truly, these pictures are worth a thousand words. Very emotive.


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