Weekly Writing Challenge: TANKA (for Mae)

“They grow up so fast.”

Cliche, perhaps…but it’s true.

Babies forever,

it seems. Until the day comes

suddenly when they’re just…not.


And you send them out

into a dark, scary world.
into a dark, scary world.

Though that’s the “mom fear”

She's ready. You know.
talking. She’s ready. You know.

It’s just that you’ll miss her.



(Bad tanka poetry, in response to WordPress’s Weekly Writing Challenge, and in honor of my little girl starting Kindergarten this week – an event I didn’t anticipate being so emotional about!

I’m so excited for her…but it’s a lot harder than I expected to watch her take these steps away from me.)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: TANKA (for Mae)

  1. *Nothing* is more heartbreaking than watching your child slowly step away from you… no matter what the context. I’ve seen James being carried away by nurses to have his eye surgery. I’ve seen him geographically leave and move to Florida. I’ve seen him walking away, hand-in-hand with his Mum, at the airport. Breaks my heart, every time.

    But emotionally… I feel he’s drawer nearer πŸ™‚


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