Weekly Photo Challenge: ENDURANCE

This week’s photo challenge:

“Show us what endurance means to you.”

This is my favorite picture that I've ever taken of my mom and dad.
This just might be my favorite picture that I’ve ever taken of my mom and dad. I took it a few weeks ago, at their house.

I know you can’t even see their faces! But I love this picture.

I realized just now that the reason has something to do with endurance.


It’s that things change….life happens….the world spins. But my mom and dad pretty much always end their days like this: cheerfully relaxing together, reading novels, doing crosswords. When you walk in to say something to them (or to harass them by sticking a camera in their faces AGAIN!), you walk in to smiles and welcome (and sometimes crossword questions!)

I think you get a sense of that here: With my dad’s long legs pulled up, the better to engage with his puzzles….and my mom’s feet, which somehow radiate the vivacity of her personality in a way I haven’t managed to match yet in images of her face. They’re just pleasant, nice, fun people to be around.

This photo, for me, exudes that cheerfulness that’s always surrounded them – and celebrates the fact that, through an entire lifetime (my lifetime!) that quality has endured.

(To my good fortune, as their kid!)


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