More Lists of 5

A few months ago (on April 17th, to be exact,) I pulled myself out of a mini blogging slump by responding to a writing prompt that suggested taking the last five books you read (or songs you listened to) and using those to try to analyze something about yourself. (Here’s the original prompt. I responded to #4 on the list.)

I never really got to the analysis part because I went a little crazy with the “lists of 5” I came up with! But it turned out to be a really fun post to write.

It’s actually been exactly six months since I wrote that post (I didn’t even realize that until I started typing this!) So it seems like a good time for an update.

So, without further ado:

The Last 5 Books I Read (in order from most recent)

1) The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho (just finished the re-read of this one a few days ago)

2) Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen (another re-read)

3) The Penelopiad, by Margaret Atwood (interesting and memorable counterbalance to the Odyssey)

4) Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen (I’m re-reading my way through Jane Austen at the moment)

5) Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson (big, thick, extremely interesting and well-written biography)

The Last 5 Songs That Came Up When I Put My iPod on Shuffle

1) “Monty Got a Raw Deal,” by R.E.M.

2) “Lost Coastlines,” by Okkervil River

3) “Prayers for Rain,” by The Cure

4) “Bad Romance,” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

5) “Boy With a Coin,” by Iron & Wine

The Last 5 Movies I Watched

1) Frozen

2) Iron Man 2

3) Iron Man

4) Inside Llewyn Davis

5) Mr. Nobody

The Last 5 Articles I Read Online

1) “The 5 Best Music Player Apps for Android

2) “Will Video Kill Photography’s Stars?

3) “Synthetic Pot Now Considered a Schedule 1 Drug in DC

4) “Instead of Drinking Beer, Now You Can Buy Drinkable Marijuana

5) “Every Time You Save Calories, This App Donates Them to a Food Bank

The Last 5 Blog Posts I Read

1) “The Art of the Open Letter

2) “The Art of Following a Blog

3) “I’m Tapped Out on Family Fun

4) “Brown Bag Sketchbooks

5) “Foggy With a Chance of Storms

The Last 5 Food/Drink Items I Consumed

1) Traditional Medicinal‘s Chamomile Lavender Tea

2) Newman’s Own Vanilla Caramel coffee

3) lime seltzer

4) mashed potatoes

5) Triscuits with Mozzarella cheese, topped with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers

The Last 5 Things That Inspired Me (from the most recent)

1) my previous blog post utilizing lists of 5 (which inspired me to write this one!)

2) my niece’s enthusiasm for Instagram (which is motivating me to get my own account updated and moving forward again)

3) Blog Action Day

4) financial worries (sometimes it takes feeling some anxiety to wrench your mind open to ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise considered)

5) autumn colors (so many pictures to take!)

The 5 Places I Would Visit (in no particular order) if I Had The Means/Ability to Travel Anywhere in the World at This Exact Moment

1) Peru (because somebody looked at my blog from there the other day [I see from the stats] – and I’m ashamed that I only picture llamas and mountain cliffs when I think of Peru. I need (and want!) to explore and learn more!)

2) Anywhere else in South America (If I had to pick one place, it’d be Rio though, for pictures like this one.)

3) New Zealand (wherever it was that Lord of the Rings‘ outdoor scenes were filmed.)

4) Ireland (for mystical ruins and cozy pubs)

5) The Northern California coast (Big Sur, etc; wherever area it is that has the dramatic cliffs and crashing waves, basically. I’m finding myself greatly in the mood for the drama of that. And I’d like to take pictures there.)

The Last 5 Beautiful Things I Encountered in the Everyday

1) autumn leaves

2) the dilapidated elegance of the courthouse in Canton, OH

3) the most beautiful dawn I think I’ve ever seen, casting a glow on all the colored leaves beneath it

4) fire in the fireplace

5) thick golden pine needles on the ground, set against the deep brown of wet tree trunks

The Last 5 Photographs I Took (I’ll amend this one to say: The Last 5 Photographs I Took That I Have Also Downloaded From My Camera AND Have Not Already Posted Here!!)

My brother, showing my son Henry what (Henry would tell you) is the coolest mushroom EVER.
My brother, showing my son Henry what (Henry would tell you) is the coolest mushroom EVER.
My brother Joe.
My brother Joe.
Joe with a cool seed specimen.
Joe with a cool seed specimen.
My daughter Mae (who loves Fall leaves!)
My daughter Mae (who loves Fall leaves!)
Mae and her absolute favorite cousin, walking to Whole Foods for lunch.
Mae and her absolute favorite cousin, walking to Whole Foods for lunch.


I’ll have to try to remember to do another “Lists of 5” update when six more months have passed. These are fun to put together!


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