(Surprisingly) Non-Dreary Pictures from a VERY Dreary Day

A cold and gloomy drizzle was falling pretty much all day today. It’s my least favorite kind of winter weather. I was complaining this morning (to my ex-husband, who was trapped in a car with me) that even a blizzard is preferable, in my opinion – because (providing you don’t have to drive in it) a blizzard is cozy…and all that falling snow is really lovely.

Today was not lovely. Today was also not cozy. Today was chilly and wet and uncomfortable. I did not enjoy the weather today!


At least, I didn’t enjoy it at first. To my great surprise, everything changed when I went out in the afternoon to retrieve my kids from the school bus stop.


I was really not looking forward to going to the bus stop today (see the above “cold” and “wet” and “gloomy” and “uncomfortable”!)

Not that I ever particularly look forward to it. It’s kind of a pain. Anyone with a kindergartener (like me) has to be there when the bus arrives; they won’t let the kindergarteners off the bus unless a parent/guardian is present. So there’s a group of us that has to stand around there for ten or fifteen minutes every afternoon – just to play it safe (because sometimes the bus is early.)


It’s strange, but I find I don’t have a great deal in common with other moms – particularly at the bus stop (though it’s not limited to there.) I don’t know why exactly – but I have so much trouble thinking of anything at all to say/contribute to typical “mom” conversations. Trying to make small talk at the bus stop is just excruciating for me.

Which is weird because 99% of the time, I’m the kind of person who can always think of SOMETHING to say. Chatting with strangers is not something I typically have any problem with whatever. I’m not particularly shy or quiet. But the bus stop is like this foreign world where everybody is part of some “parent culture” that I just don’t get.

Considering I have two kids of my own, and am very involved in them, you would think I would automatically be a part of this culture…but I seem to be a perpetual alien in it. And I feel that every time I have to go up to the bus stop (so, every day!!)


Anyway (getting back on topic here!), what I usually do at bus-stop-time is bring my camera and wander around in view of the stop taking pictures – just to have something to do.

This was actually pretty fun at first – but four months into it, it’s getting a little boring.

It is good practice though, I’ve found, to go over the same landscape again and again. It forces me to really study the change of the seasons and so on. So, barring a hard rain (that might damage my camera), I try to take pictures every day there – with occasionally interesting results.


Today however was the last day I expected to capture anything interesting. It was so very, very dreary!

But as it turns out, I had more fun taking bus stop pictures today than I’ve had in several weeks. I was not expecting that!

It was something about the light….something about the water. Something about what water did to the landscape.

I love water droplets on leaves.
Like the droplets on leaves. I love that!
Any colors really stand out against the gloom.
And then there’s the fact that the subtle colors of this time of year stand out much more when seen against the gloom of such a gray day. They stand out strikingly more than on a sunny day. All these days of taking pictures there, I hadn’t noticed that before. (I guess it was just THAT gloomy today!)
Ice and slush reflect the light - and serve to really brighten up the puddles.
Ice and slush reflect and refract the light, and they served to really brighten up the puddles. That was interesting to play around with.
And I like reflections.
And then of course, I really like taking pictures of reflections!
Ripples, too.
I like ripples, too.


So, I don’t think I’m going to be complaining about this sort of weather anymore! I think I’m going to be grabbing my camera and getting out into it.


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