Lists of 5 (A Third Round)

The last time I did this, I noted that I planned to do it again in six months. I’m about two months early, I realize! But I was in the mood.


The Last Five Books I Read (in order from most recent)

The Zahir, by Paulo Coelho (I just started this one. I’m never sure what to expect from Paulo Coelho books. He’s a strange author for me. I tend to connect with his books on this all-encompassing, absolute level [The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes] or else actively dislike them [Veronika Decides to Die, The Witch of Portobello…and most especially Aleph.] There’s no middle ground! I can’t think of another author I respond to that way. It’ll be interesting to see which way The Zahir falls.)

The Great Man, by Kate Christensen (I read this one a few years ago – as a distraction during a very difficult period of time for me. It made a big impression on me, and I wanted to see how it would read now, with my life running a bit smoother: It was just as compelling. I’m heavily drawn to the idea that there aren’t age-related limits on things like love and dreams and desire – and that’s explored really well here.)

The Dark Witch, by Nora Roberts (though maybe I shouldn’t put this on a “books read” list if I couldn’t actually get through it. I went through a period of time a few years ago when I read Nora Roberts books rather voraciously. That was a while ago now – but still, when I saw this one at the library, I thought it’d be entertaining. It wasn’t. It was awful – possibly the worst I’ve ever read from her. [And I read her Inn at Boonsboro trilogy…so that’s really saying something.])

The Sum of All Kisses, by Julia Quinn (I grabbed this the same time I grabbed the Nora. [I must have been in a Romance mood at the library that day.] Julia Quinn was another author I used to enjoy a lot back a while ago. I did get through this one [as opposed to the Nora.] But otherwise…meh. Basically the book equivalent of a mediocre rom-com movie – with a Regency setting.)

The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer (This was quite interesting. I need to write a post about some of the things it got me thinking about.)


The Last Five Songs That Came Up When I Put My iPod on Shuffle (though my ancient iPod at last died…so now it’s the music player on the clunky desktop computer I’m currently borrowing until I can afford a new laptop [as my old Mac laptop also finally died])


The Last Five Movies I Watched

Sherlock (I realize this is a television program…but when you binge watch it, I think it sort of counts for this category. I love this show.)




The Tigger Movie (yeah, my kids have had a lot of snow days this winter)


The Last Five Articles I Read Online

The Provocative Architecture of Thomas Heatherwick

Mumford & Sons Talk Going Electric on New Album, Wilder Mind

4 Photoshop Tools Every Photographer Should Know

Power Foods: Swiss Chard

Online Color Challenge (According to this, I have “perfect” color vision, btw!)


The Last Five Blog Posts I Read/Viewed

Street Art, Joao Pessoa (Brasil)

Introductions: Alien Shores

An Unlikely Urban Sanctuary

The Day I Was Accused of Shoplifting from the Dollar Store

Cultivating Food for Thought


The Last Five Food/Drink Items I Consumed

noodles in broth

cup(s) of black coffee

glass of pinot noir

swiss chard w/mozzarella

cup of raspberry sherbet


The Last Five Things That Inspired Me

a renovated apartment, with all new (and very upgraded) appliances – inspiring me to keep things clean and pretty!

these photos, of semi-frozen waves. There’s so much in the world to see (and photograph!)

this article, from Outside magazine, reminding me that it’s okay (and actually a really good thing sometimes!) to be a non-expert at something

WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge (these are a lot of fun!)

EyeEm’s Missions (like the photo challenges…but with prizes!)


The Five Places I Would Visit if I Had the Means/Ability to Travel Anywhere in the World at this Exact Moment (in no particular order)

“Stairway to Heaven,” Hawaii (ocean…sky…air)

The Maldives (this is on every list of this nature that I make. Someday…)

Tulum, Mexico (archaeological ruins + beautiful beach!!)

the Central Coast of California (so much beauty! And I’ve never seen it in real life. This link, too.)

any beach, really!! If there’s sun and warmth and fresh air and ocean, I’m not feeling too picky about much else right now.


The Last Five Beautiful Things I Encountered in the Everyday

big snow-day smiles on a couple of kids

shiny wood floor (especially when contrasted with memory of old, gross carpet)

new, shiny kitchen appliances (as opposed to old, scratched, cheap ones); the aesthetic environment (sight, yes, but also touch) makes such a difference!

sunshine (it may be cold, but it looks so cheerful out there today!)

adoring brown eyes (it takes so little to make a dog happy…and you get so much reward for it!)


The Last Five Photographs I Took

(The first two [part of my recent shutter speed experiments] have appeared in a previous post!)

This one was taken during the "tackle each other while we play with a little rubber bouncy ball" game.

And of course, when all else fails, just run around.

Renovation in progress!
Renovation in progress!
First non-aided-by-grownups snowman!
First non-aided-by-grownups snowman!
The snowman's snow dog (can you see him? He has a pinecone collar and a little stick tail.)
The snowman’s snow dog (can you see him? He has a pinecone collar and a little stick tail.)

These list-y posts are fun!


6 thoughts on “Lists of 5 (A Third Round)

    1. Okay, I guess that cements it: I definitely have to write about The Art of Asking now now – because if I don’t and you do, I’ll end up just writing some massive comment on your blog with all the things I would have put in my post!!

      I hope you do write that post. I’d really love to hear your take!

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