Three Songs for a Throwback Thursday

A bout of insomnia last night had me pulling out my phone and amusing myself in the wee hours by poking around on YouTube – which is how I ended up following a thread of “’90s alternative” songs. (And laughing a lot!)

I’m pretty tired today (I’m on my third sleepless night in a row here; I need to get some decent rest tonight!) But I have to say, it’s kind of worth it! I had so much fun listening to all of those old songs. 2AM is a pretty much perfect time to reacquaint yourself with music that takes you back.

Some of what I stumbled on last night was admittedly pretty bad. (Though this video, for one, is so quintessentially cheesy, it actually makes the cheesy song really fun!)

But these three (below) I still like a lot.

Granted, it’s impossible for me to view them with any kind of objectivity. They’re all “college songs” for me and totally imbued with nostalgia. I listen to them and I’m taken right back to that period of my life.

But, nostalgia notwithstanding, I do think they’re actually decent songs, and definitely still listen-able – which (as I’ve noted before) isn’t something I can say about everything I used to listen to back then.

See what you think:


And here’s a bonus song – only because watching this totally reminded me why I’ve loved Michael Stipe for so many years!!

(I have to go and pull out all of my old R.E.M. now.)


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