Weekly Photo Challenge: INTRICATE

This week’s photo challenge:

“Intricate: what does it mean to you? Show us your interpretation.”


I would have called these little yellow flowers “simple” until I saw them contrasted against the brick today – and then I really saw them.


I’ve always liked Spring, but this is the first Spring I can remember wherein I’m finding myself amazed literally every single day by the intricate detail all around me. Even the simplest little flowers, if you stop to really look at them, aren’t simple at all. They’re multi-layered and (sometimes subtly – as in the case of these yellow flowers) complex.  Don’t even get me started on birds’ nests and budding leaves!

It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a macro lens for my camera, or taking pictures of nature-things would be pretty much all I accomplished this entire season! And as great as that would be on one hand, it would be a bit problematic in practice!!

(That macro lens has crept up a few notches on my photography gear wish list, though.)


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