Weekly Photo Challenge: SYMBOL

This week’s photo challenge:

“This week, share a symbol with us, and tell us what it means to you.”


In the Fall of 2013, I had a very strange, very vivid dream involving a big white wolf on a rock ledge…and then a distinctly related, second wolf dream the following March.

I’m not extraordinarily superstitious about such things. I’m more interested in that sort of thing (dream symbolism, etc) than actually believing in it.

But yet…these weren’t just regular dreams. There was something different about them. They were just…odd. (You can read the posts if you’re really curious.)

At any rate, ever since I had them I’ve had this little superstition that I can’t shake out that when I see wolves or wolf images, I should take note. At the very least, I should remember the dreams in those moments and check myself to make certain I’m still living to them. So I tend to do that now: this little touch-base when I see something “wolf.”


I mentioned to my 6-year-old daughter once, just casually, that I like wolves. That information stuck – and so when she had a chance a few months ago to bring home her choice from a group of little animal carvings at the Native American Museum gift shop (in Washington, D.C.), she decided to pick a wolf so that she and I could enjoy it together (because she’s sweet like that!)

So this is our little howling wolf that sits on the bedroom windowsill and - and reminds me of those dreams. (And also reminds me, if I needed the reminder, that I have a very thoughtful and sweet little girl!)
So this is our little howling wolf that sits on the bedroom windowsill. (I moved him outside for better light for the shot.) He’s special.

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