Tuesdays of Texture Photo Challenge (#2)

For my contribution to the Tuesdays of Texture challenge this week (which I’m actually responding to on a Wednesday, now that I realize that’s okay 🙂 ), I decided to use a shot that’s about five weeks old – because it struck me that, in five short weeks, the world outside my door doesn’t look like this photo anymore. And this shot, I realized, drives that reality home for me.

Analyzing how exactly it drives it home (especially as the shot is in black & white, so I can’t use obvious autumn criteria – like the color of the leaves) led me to the decision to use it for the challenge. Because it occurred to me that it comes down to texture.

Here’s the image:


The change of summer to autumn is a change quintessentially indicated by a change in color…right? (As in, the leaves turn.) That’s the first thing I think of when I think about Fall.

But I realized today, looking at this photo, that the absence of color actually serves to put the central focus on the textural elements of the image. And it’s in texture that the seasonal changes are jumping out at me.

Summer is so lush, so full of various and varied textures. The vine-y ground my son is sitting on, for example: the leaves underneath him aren’t crunchy. This is five weeks ago – and back then they had life, bounce, spring to them. You can see that by the way they rise up next to his leg. You can see that by their texture. There’s nothing brittle about them. They’re fully alive and thriving.

My textural world, I realize looking at this photo, has completely changed in three weeks. This vibe of lushness and life has departed, along with the season of summer.

Texture is something I tend to think of as a somewhat minor factor to consider when taking photographs. With a very few exceptions, not an element to take into great account or to bother thinking too hard about when composing or analyzing my photos.

At least, that’s what I thought before I started participating in this challenge. This is my second contribution (here’s the first, from last week) and I’m already completely re-evaluating my opinion on the power of texture in my photography!

This is getting interesting!!

(I’m so glad I found this challenge!)


5 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture Photo Challenge (#2)

  1. I’m glad you found it too! What you described about the image completely changing after taking texture into account – and making it the principal contributor of the photograph – is exactly why I think texture is such an awesome way to share with other our surroundings! A single thing, or a very small part of something can transmit so much information and feelings.

    In this I can feel the season changing the air and the sounds in that scene. It’s divine!
    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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