Six Songs for a Sleepless Sunday Night

I’ve been sitting here doing some work on another project, with random music playing in the background.

“Random” because, while it’s actually a playlist I made, I made it some time ago and completely forgot about it. So I haven’t heard any of this stuff in a while.

I’m having a pretty good night of work. Which makes me happy! The problem is, it’s just after midnight as I type this and I need to go to bed – but I’m just not sleepy. It’s not insomnia keeping me up; it’s that energized feeling that comes from creative work flowing really well. It’s like a shot of caffeine!

So I’m poking around with the music now, trying to get sleepy. It’s not working! Mainly, I think, because everything on this list is pressing my nostalgia buttons – and all that’s doing is making me more awake. It’s too much fun, seeing what comes up next on this crazy list!!

In the interest of doing something (as I’m up anyway,) I’ve decided to amuse myself by posting a couple of the songs. Perhaps they might amuse somebody else as well.

Not that they’re actually “funny.” I’m just laughing at myself, as these are all really quite old now – and I admit I still really love every single one of them!

I’ll post six – as that seems like a good round number for this sort of thing.

And I’ll just dedicate this mini-playlist to anybody else who is having trouble sleeping tonight. Particularly if you’re my age (because you’ll get the most enjoyment out of these, I think.) You’ll be able to determine if you match me in age if you can attach high school and/or college memories to any or all of these songs.

(Though actually some of them do technically pre-date that time for me, I suppose: R.E.M.’s “Superman” is from the 80s, I think – and possibly “Wave of Mutilation” as well? I was still pre-high school in the eighties. But that’s close enough!)


There you go! 🙂


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