Weekly Photo Challenge: TRIO


This week’s photo challenge:

“What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme, Trio.


Three puddle-splashed pairs of feet on a rainy afternoon walk home from the school bus stop.

(Those are my third-grade son’s lace-up shoes, my black boots, and my first-grade daughter’s fringe-y “Pocahontas” boots. 🙂 )

It drizzled all day yesterday, clearing up RIGHT before I had to walk up and get these guys. (Which was very appreciated, as I don’t have an umbrella at the moment.) It was almost 4:30PM (yes, their school day goes pretty late!) and there was such a pretty golden glow to the light. You can’t tell too well in this picture…but it was really lovely!

I need to get some kind of covering for my camera so that I can go out when it’s a little wet without having to worry so much about it getting dripped on or splashed. I love light rain and just-post-rain moments. I love the sound of the wet streets and dripping trees, and I love the water droplets sparkling everywhere. I love the mist and the way the light refracts through it – particularly the sunshine, when it peeks out.

I want to explore more!

There has to be a way, short of buying some expensive casing of some sort, to protect my camera and lens from the water.

I might have to hit the D.I.Y sites….


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