Tuesdays of Texture (#5)

For the Tuesdays of Texture photo challenge this week:



The Merriam-Webster Dictionary actually defines the word texture as:

“The way that something feels when you touch it.”

I looked it up because I realized after taking the above image that I never consider smooth things when I think about texture – so I wanted to see if there was any foundation for my neglect.

According to Merriam-Webster – there isn’t!!

And that makes sense – because even before looking up the word, I did grasp intellectually that texture is about how something feels – and “smooth” is a way to feel!

I really don’t know why I’ve had this tendency to discount smooth textures. Maybe it’s that my eye glosses right over things that are smooth? I think that might be it. Which is something I need to train myself out of. Certainly, the less I automatically discount visual elements, the better photographer I’ll be – so that’s worth thinking about.

I think maybe that (the tendency of my eye to slide past smooth surfaces) is why it was this particular image that snapped me into a different way of seeing: because the play of light here, the beauty of that, completely stopped my eye and caught it and held it. And once that happened, I was able to really contemplate texture and start thinking about it in terms of smooth surfaces.

So I’m going to try to pay more attention to “smooth” from here on out, as I contemplate texture. I want visual discipline! (No more glossing over anything!)




2 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture (#5)

  1. I Think Smooth Textures Have Been Generally Neglected In The Challenge By Everyone, Including Me! Thanks for Bringing Up This Interesting Point, As It Might Generate More Consciousness Towards Visual Awareness When We Are Exploring Texture Through Photography.

    The Light In This Is Perfec!

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