Exploring the Blog Archives

I mentioned that I’ve been going back through my blog archives the last few days – looking for things that might need an edit (or a deletion), spot-checking some of my old links to see if they still work, etc, etc. “Housekeeping,” basically.

Well, in the process, I’ve been reacquainting myself with various posts that I haven’t seen in awhile. And this has been more interesting than I anticipated! It’s given me a few ideas for some sequel posts, for one thing. (A lot of ideas, as a matter of fact.)

It’s also reminded me of some of the posts I’ve written that I haven’t thought about in awhile. This has been fun; I like some of these!

I’ve been noticing the number of likes and comments on them as I’ve read…and I’ve also been going in on some of them and checking the stats for a better sense of the non-WordPress traffic. This has been an interesting exercise!

Some of them, I see, have had a lot of reader attention. The photo essay I wrote about my and my ex’s “conscious uncoupling” efforts, for example: that one got Freshly Pressed by WordPress. Consequently, that one is hands-down my most-read post.

Most of my posts, of course, haven’t been anywhere near as noticed. It’s hard to untangle how much of this is due to dumb luck (like, what are the chances of the WordPress editors seeing my writing and giving it Freshly Pressed-like attention on a regular basis? Not much!) Or how much is due to, say, something as simple as that I’m not publishing at opportune times of day (or on the best days)? How much is due to the fact that I wrote something one day that resonated…and one day I didn’t? Or that I rambled and meandered – and so something I wrote that had the potential to resonate ended up buried in a bunch of nothingness and lost?

There are just so many factors that come into play!

There’s also the fact that some of my posts have done very well within WordPress (as gauged by the number of likes and comments, for which you have to be logged in to make.) But then some have gotten maybe one like or no likes – and yet have seen a heavy amount of traffic. It doesn’t make sense that these posts are abundantly hated or something!!! I think it’s more likely that they’re simply getting a lot of non-WordPress, search engine traffic. Some of these at least, by their nature or by the particular way I’ve titled them, I’m certain fall into this category; I think I’ve just hit the search engines the right way with them. This one, for instance, on a 3AM post I wrote free-write-style about a music documentary I had just watched and liked. (I really need to edit that one. It’s had way too many readers for as poorly-written as it is. Embarrassing!)

I don’t write for likes and comments and search engine hits; that’s not why I’m checking this stuff. I write what I want to write and in the manner that feels right to me at the time (even if it’s rambling and meandering!) – and I don’t have any particular desire to alter the way I do things. But I do find it interesting!


Thinking about all of this, I’ve decided to take my next couple of posts here and make some lists.

For example: my highest-traffic posts could be a list.

I’d also like to make a list of the posts that have earned the most likes…and the ones that have the most search engine hits, likes aside, as well.

Another list could be the posts that make me laugh every time I read them (these usually have something to do with media – music, tv, whatever – that I used to like. I love making these!)

And I’d like to make a list of the posts that have been the most meaningful to me.

I can go on!

I actually don’t know how many of these lists I’m going to do…but a few, at least. I feel a need right now to shine some light on some of this older content I’ve been perusing, and this’ll give me a good means of doing so – as well as a reason to dig around in the stats a little more and see what I see.

Plus, I think it’ll be fun!

I’ll start that tomorrow! 🙂


In honor of pulling old content out and doing something new with it, here’s a shot I’ve never been sure what to do with – of the very cool people mover that connects the East and West Buildings of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. (I like walking on this thing as much as my kids do!)




5 thoughts on “Exploring the Blog Archives

  1. Love the idea of housekeeping. My writing style and direction has changed in the year I’ve had my blog. I’ve also taken a couple of classes in writing, editing, and design. I’ve been wanting to go back through the beginning and tighten up some of the earlier posts, do some formatting, etc. Don’t have the time for it right now, but maybe in a few months as a sort of “spring cleaning” after the first big trip of the year, as I gear up to write about that… Thanks for the idea!


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