Weekly Photo Challenge: WEIGHT(LESS)

This week’s photo challenge:

This week, share a photo of something marked by its weight — or its air of weightlessness. Show us gravity at its most unforgiving, or most generous. Bricks or feathers. A collapsed ruin or a plane taking off. A heavy piece of old furniture or the flying buttresses of a cathedral. Keep in mind that weight doesn’t even have to be physical: emotions and memories can weigh on us (or lift our spirits) at least as much as real objects.


My then-eight-year-old son, at Shenandoah National Park last spring – comparing the substance of the heavy, timeless mountain he’s standing on with the ephemeral mist of the distant cloud clover, contemplating issues of weight, weightlessness, atmosphere, gravity, nature and the passage of time. (Or possibly just looking at a worm wiggling on the rock. It’s very hard to say!)

The low-lying clouds were so beautiful that day.

I think they look like a fantasy sea here, and the hills like islands.

Here’s one more shot, from slightly earlier in the morning. It was a beautiful sunrise!:


Nice morning to be outside!!


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