WordPress’s blogging prompt of the day today was:

“Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.”


“Big night out” in my head immediately equates to going out on the town – and I haven’t had one of those nights (big or small!) in a pretty long time. So I almost deleted this prompt from my inbox.

But then it occurred to me that what I did last Saturday night was actually pretty big – if “big night out” means a memorable, interesting and meaningful activity. It was, for me, possibly even better than getting all fancy and doing something social.

What I did was go for a little wander (courtesy of the big Jonas Blizzard!) through a gorgeous white world, camera in my hand.

And it felt like I was traveling…it really did. It felt like I was exploring a completely different place – a fascinating and beautiful place, exotic and unique. Certainly as visually different as it was different in feel from what it usually is – which is a neighborhood of suburban apartment complexes and townhouses in the busy Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

And I don’t think I realized how much I needed to get away – from the normal, from the routine, from the same-old, same-old, from all that stultifying suburbia – until I took this Saturday night walk. But I really, really did. I needed to travel. I needed “new.” I needed to shake things up.

I wasn’t overtly seeking this out for myself; I didn’t even fully comprehend how much I needed it – though I was aware that I’d been feeling a little down, a little frustrated, a little confined. So I was just really lucky here! Thanks to the blizzard, all that newness and exploration and change-of-scene that I wasn’t seeking actually came to ME! (Thank you “Universe”!!)

The snow was coming down hard enough on Saturday night that I almost didn’t bring my camera with me. But I REALLY wanted to – so I gambled that I could keep it from getting too wet. And luckily that worked out okay! Taking pictures always makes everything deeper and better and just richer for me.

I didn’t take as many shots as I would normally have done, as I was nervous about exposing the camera to all that wet.* But what I did get, I was happy with. When you go on an adventure in a different world, it’s nice to have a visual record of your trip!

The next two shots are of spaces I can see from my apartment – but they looked completely different (and felt that way too.)

The streetlights create magical, glowing spaces when the trees and ground are so white.
My nine-year-old son, soaking up the atmosphere, pretty much embodies how I felt as I moved through the beautiful space!

I went out again the next morning early – when the skies were clear and I didn’t have to worry so much about my camera. And nobody was out! It was so serene…so quiet. A few snow plows, that was it.

Here are a few from that. (I feel like the AM walk was kind of “Part 2” of Saturday night’s adventure!):


Now, six days later, we still have plenty of snow on the ground here in Virginia – but it doesn’t feel anymore like it did last Saturday night (or Sunday morning). Life has returned to normal. There are cars on the road, the sounds of traffic. The vibe has gone back to the usual (people going to work and coming home again…errands being run…work being done.) It doesn’t feel magical anymore.

I seriously had the greatest Saturday “night out” last weekend!

You know it’s been pretty great when you’re nostalgic & wistful (and still smiling!) about it a week later!

I’d like to inject more memorable nights out (of all stripes!) into my life. Something to work on here in the new year, perhaps. 🙂


*I belatedly read this from photographer Vivienne Gucwa that I’ll try next time, speaking to how she keeps her cameras safe in the snow.

If you aren’t familiar with her work, definitely check her out! She’s one of my favorite photographers – and her shots of NYC in the wintertime are my favorites of everything she does. She was actually one of the first people I thought of when I first heard about the blizzard – because I got excited thinking about the images she’d get and post! (That’s when you know you’re a fan!!)



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