Creative Pursuits

My ex and our daughter are currently engrossed in being “art buddies.” This means that whenever either of them get interested in trying some sort of new-to-them art, they’re committed to jumping in together and giving it a go!

It was drawing (anything!) with colored pencils first. Then they moved on to a particular focus on hummingbirds.

Now they’re off drawing altogether and exploring weaving.

They recently constructed a very simple loom and my ex started tinkering around with how to actually go about creating something – and now, as of this past weekend, they’ve started their first joint project:


I think it’s slated to be a rug for the dolls. It would make a cool scarf if it was a bit longer!:

I don’t want to rush them through the weaving – but I’m excited to see what the “art buddies” come up with next! 🙂


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