And So It Begins…

It was almost two years ago now (I’m only short by about two weeks!) that I wrote a post about my then-five-year-old daughter’s music-listening habits. I noted that the songs she was asking me to play for her at that time were almost all things that she heard me playing! In other words, they weren’t “kid” songs.

But this was typical for her. She never (not from infancy) had much use for “kid” songs. When she was a baby, the song that could most reliably calm her down and even put her to sleep was “My Sharona.” (I kid you not!) She liked Hole too – the more raucous, the better! (I talk about that a little more in this post.)

But as of two summers ago, she had developed – on her own, not connected with me – a very great love for the song,”Let It Go,” from Frozen. She even talked me into buying it for her on iTunes, so that we could listen to it whenever “we” wanted (not just on YouTube.)

And we did! (Oh, boy – did we ever!!)


I said in that post:

“[I]t’s occurred to me that [“Let It Go”] might be the beginning of a new era – one that’ll end up with her getting her own music player and her own collection of music, unique to her. (It might not even resemble mine!!!)”

And here it is, two years later – and I can tell you that I was completely right about that!

A few days ago, she inherited her dad’s old iPod. We loaded it for her with some songs of her choice.

And do you know how many of those songs she pulled out of my music library? One! That’s it!!! Kidz Bop Kids (introduced onto her radar by her first grade teacher, who used to pull them up for the kids to dance to during indoor recesses) has eclipsed me completely as an influencer of musical taste.

Mae (my daughter) is completely enthralled with this peppy, dance-y, pop world she’s uncovered – and she’s spent the last few days glued to that iPod, singing and dancing and lip-synching. (Pretty cute.)

I think her favorite songs (my best guesses anyway, based on the number of times I’ve heard her singing them over the last couple of days) are: “Better When I’m Dancing,” by Meghan Trainor and “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen – along with assorted Kidz Bop Kids songs that I don’t know the names of. (This is one of them.)


It’s kind of fascinating to watch her take these first little baby steps toward teenager-dom. She’s taken a big turn toward that direction in the last few months.

She does her own hair and nails now too, whenever I let her – as here. She’s growing up at what feels like a rapidly accelerating pace recently!

But though her taste in music is veering away from mine (and she kind of likes that it is, as it makes her feel like a “big kid” to have her own thing going on), she still wants to share it all with me and make me a part of it.

So she’s playing the songs for me this week and even singing them for me – and she gets really happy when I like them. (I’m going to have to make myself mistress of these Kidz Bop covers, I can already see.)

I know the day will come eventually when my liking something she’s playing will cause her to doubt its coolness…but it’s nice that we’re not there yet.

Even if the penalty for that is my listening to more pop music in the last week than I have since I was in junior high!

I don’t really mind. She’s pretty cute with all of this. 🙂


And I’ll make a confession: I think I must still have a little bit of that junior high girl buried somewhere inside of me – because I’m finding that I can’t listen to some of this stuff without wanting to dance around. It’s an impulse I did not at all expect!

“Call Me Maybe,” particularly, is pretty much impossible to sit still for.

The thoughtful indie music fan side of me is more than a little bit dismayed by this turn of events! (College-age alternative rock fan me would have been horrified.)

But what can you do but roll with this sort of thing?

Maybe it’ll pass. 🙂


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