Feeling Blue?

I’ve been feeling a little anxious lately (a lot anxious, actually)…and a little blue.

Me, feeling anxious and blue yesterday (before I did some yoga…which helped!)

I should note that yesterday’s yoga, in addition to being helpful in and of itself, also culminated in my taking pictures (like the one I showcased yesterday) – and that when you’re engrossed in taking pictures like that one, it’s rather hard to retain any “down” feelings!

So if I can cheer up that quickly, things clearly aren’t bleak around here; I don’t want to give that impression!

I’m just a little anxious…a little stressed. It’s the imminent move…and a few personal things, too.

Everything’s manageable! It’s just a little bit overwhelming at times. It feels like everything is happening all at once (which it kind of is, actually! Life just works like that sometimes.) And I’m feeling like I’m not up for the job!! (Anxiety and subsequent lack of sleep can do that to you.) But regardless, I have to be.

Yoga helps in these moments. Exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise (I’m not sure why) helps. And taking deep breaths, consciously centering back into my body, helps – a great deal, actually.

But I’m keeping my eyes open for other helps too (I can use all the assistance I can get right now!)

Here are a few:

I found this really nice app that makes you “check in” with yourself whenever you open it, by answering some questions about your feelings and state of mind – and then gives you a short, guided meditation based on your answers. I’m finding that just the act of taking a few minutes here and there to evaluate myself – rather than continually pushing forward with tasks and the management of the myriad mini-emergencies that seem to be incessantly occurring around here lately – has been helpful. (As much, if not more, than the actual meditations.) Apparently I need to give myself more attention!

And, while I’m not much of a games-on-my-phone kind of person (when I have time to kill and my phone in my hand, I’m usually more inclined to scroll Twitter, or lately Snapchat, than play games), I found this game recently and have been playing it a bit – particularly at night when I’m having trouble slowing down my brain to go to sleep. I like the musical tones and especially the colors; they’re very soothing and pleasant. The game itself moves quickly enough that it’s not necessarily “soothing” itself – but, as I said, it’s a good thing to apply myself to when I’m too revved up to sleep. Something with slower action would actually only contribute to my restlessness in those moments. This game is a good mix of faster-pace & soothing-ness – and it’s been a big help when I’m trying to wind down. I play some rounds of it until I start to feel less wired, and then I read a book for a bit – and then I’m usually pretty tired.

(Full disclosure: I found this one at the same time  – and only downloaded it to look at it, as it occurred to me that the animations look like something I could learn how to mimic once I get a little further into CSS and JavaScript. But it’s turned into this huge time suck! Every time I decide I’m wasting time, I end up unlocking another character – and then I have to keep going to see how he does. Which is stupid because they all do the same thing; it’s just about swinging on ropes – that’s it! 

This is why I don’t play games on my phone!!!!)

Anyway, regarding anxiety-mitigation tools: Music has of course been a big help, too. (Music is my perennial tool for getting through stressful times.)

Of Monsters and Men’s album, Beneath the Skin, has been getting the most play recently, I think.


Speaking of Of Monsters and Men:

I can’t stop watching the below video! Check it out, if you’re not familiar with it. It’s really interesting. The woman featured in it is amazing – just mesmerizingly expressive.

I liked the song before I watched the video, and I understood its message – but the video added layers of emotional power to my perceptions that I hadn’t felt before:

The last time a video struck me so forcefully was when I saw Adele’s “Hello” for the first time. I liked the song okay, but the video was just so visually gorgeous, it blew me away!


Speaking of “Hello”: I can’t listen to “Hello” now without thinking about the below and laughing (which admittedly pretty much ruins the song!!)

If you need a smile, check this out (I love Ellen!):


And actually, I think I’ve come full circle here – because finding something to laugh about helps a ton when you’re feeling nervous and anxious and otherwise blue!

Maybe the ultimate answer is just to watch more Ellen! 🙂


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