In Praise of Sensory Deprivation

Since I can’t go to a spa or a nature retreat or someplace else equally relaxing and removed from the world right now (deserted tropical island would be nice!), I’m thinking I might need to get into a pool soon. This image – of my son floating in gently moving water, ears submerged (so surrounded by silence) – looks amazing to me right now:

I don’t think he fogged up his goggles on purpose (they weren’t the highest quality to begin with) – but they complete the whole sensory deprivation picture.

Five minutes of trading places with him (cheap goggles and all!) would feel incredible.

(I think I might be in need of a vacation!!)


4 thoughts on “In Praise of Sensory Deprivation

    1. I missed your comment before…I’m so sorry!!

      I HAVE heard of a float tank – and I’m so jealous that you got to try it! I’m hugely curious about that. My only concern with the idea is that I have a slight issue with claustrophobia. Was it tight quarters, or was it fairly roomy/airy in there? If the second, I think I would greatly enjoy the experience! I hope I have a chance to give it a shot sometime. 🙂

      Thanks (belatedly!!!) for commenting!


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