Weekly Photo Challenge: CHAOS

This week’s photo challenge:

“[L]et’s embrace disorder and its creative power.

…[S]hare your own take on chaos.”


“Chaos” might be a little too strong a word for a pumpkin patch – but “disorder” definitely works! It’s definitely not an organized kind of environment – particularly at this time of year, when the vines have all pretty much died down. It looks a little bit like somebody just tossed pumpkins (hundreds of them!) willy nilly all over the fields!


Looking down at the ground only accentuates the feeling of disorder. Weeds and wildflowers are interspersed with all of those dying vines. Butterflies are flitting around, enjoying the flowers. There’s a lot of activity! And only a portion of it is pumpkin-centric anymore.

Here’s a closeup:



My final takeaway, though? Pumpkin patches are pretty interesting places (and a little disorder/chaos really kind of makes it more fun:) )

I love this time of year!



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