Some housekeeping taking place this week! Not so much in my physical house (sadly) – but in the social media and computer desktop areas of my life. Though, now that I think about it, both of these areas probably needed it more than my house! It’s been awhile since I looked things over.

So, here at the blog, “housekeeping” took the form of a new theme (as you might have noticed), along with some subsequent switching-around of widgets and sidebar/footer info, etc. An updated “About Me” page, too.

I also (as I noted in a post a few days ago) finally deleted the Instagram account I never use – and a few other accounts as well. And I cleaned up and re-evaluated (and prepped to use more frequently) the 500px account I set up a long time ago (and has since been languishing untouched!)

I gave some thought to my EyeEm account, especially in light of another recent sale there. I haven’t made tons of money with their stock marketplace – but I’ve made some. And I like that! I’ve started wondering how likely it is that I could bump up my sales if I take the endeavor there more seriously (or, seriously at all, I guess; up to now, it’s just been kind of a fun game for me.) Like, if I actually start seeking out suitable-for-stock photo opportunities…and pay closer attention to the info EyeEm gives about what is selling right now. Etc. And, just on a personal level, I do want to draw some distinct lines between what I’m posting on 500px (which I envision as being my more thougthful and/or more artistic-leaning work) and what I put up on EyeEm – or else it will, I think, feel like a waste of time, maintaining two sites. Taking a different approach with these two, though, making them unique…I think that might be really interesting. We’ll see.

And I started a Tumblr blog as well – just this afternoon, so there’s nothing posted there as yet! I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing this for a while – as an offshoot of this WordPress blog. I’m intrigued by the idea that Tumblr is a very visual platform, but not necessarily photography-centric (like Instagram, for example, was.) This blog here at WordPress is where I kind of journal – and basically wax on about whatever I feel like waxing on about. And I like that! But I’m drawn to the idea of curating a space that is different. I think my new Tumblr space will be that (whatever “different” ultimately comes out to mean.)

And then there’s the fact that you can easily (and for free) add Google Analytics stats to Tumblr blogs. The stats here on just don’t give enough info, in my opinion! I want to know in more depth things like (to name one example) where my viewers are coming from: like, not just “United States.” But where in the US? Are they local? I’d like to track what happens when I do posts about local things. Does my level of local viewership rise? I blog for myself here; I don’t necessarily NEED to know this stuff – to drive sales or something, like a business would. But still, that sort of insight would be really interesting. So anyway, I started a Google Analytics account, too!

And I changed the header and profile images on my Twitter. I like doing that every once in a while and haven’t in a few months. It freshens things up!

I also gave a little more thought as to how to utilize Snapchat. This is an ongoing question, but one I haven’t given a lot of thought to in a while. (Last time I thought about it, I wrote this.) Long story short, I’d like to train myself to be a little more spontaneous about capturing images and memories “out in the wild.” And I’d also like to get a little more natural with things-video. I think playing with Snapchat is a potentially a good way to get over some hurdles in both of these areas. I just have to jump in and start! As it is, I basically just lurk on Snapchat – which is actually surprisingly fun! (Again, see this post.) But I think I can get a lot more out of it.

Speaking of Snapchat and things-video: I’m fascinated by vlogging. I’d love to experiment with that – put some “posts” up on YouTube or whatever…practice video-editing skills…etc. But as it is, I’m still too self-conscious to post to Snapchat – so I’m thinking I’m definitely not ready for the world of vlogging. Something to work toward, though!


And I’ll wrap this up with an image of my daughter and me, from about three years ago – because I’ve been organizing photos this week, too. (The photography bug, which has been in hibernation for several months, has emerged again recently – and is very energetic!!!)

I haven’t seen this image in a long time. And wow!


My girl just had a birthday this week – and this image of her with cookie crumbs on her mouth and her jacket (that she’s now too big to even get on her arms into, much less zip up, as she’s wearing it here!) kind of twisted my heart a little bit when I saw it! She’s such a big girl now.

My kids don’t seem to change much for long periods of time -and then suddenly, I blink and they’re different and MUCH older people. It’s kind of crazy!!

More photography (and updates on all of the other things I worked on and/or set up this week!) soon…



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