12 Songs

I amuse myself sometimes by stepping outside of myself a little and consciously observing what I’m drawn to at that moment – either musically, or in reading, or in movies/video. It’s interesting! I occasionally surprise myself. (Case in point: I don’t think I’ve thought about that Def Leppard song since I was 14-ish or so!)

So, this list is full of songs that sound good to me right now. None of them are particularly recent releases. They’re things I’ve either recently stumbled across (I’ve been digging through my musical archives lately and revisiting past favorites), or otherwise have, for one reason or another, seen come onto my musical radar. (For example, I read an interview with actor Ewan McGregor a few days ago, and he was talking about how he used to be such a big Oasis fan back in the day – and I was as well. And then I had Oasis stuck in my head! “Don’t Look Back in Anger” is my all-time favorite song of theirs.)

Taken together, I imagine these say something about where my head is at right now – but I’m not sure what exactly! I’ll have to think about it a little bit.

But in the meantime, here’s some music for your weekend! 🙂 :

1-Always Something There to Remind Me

2-Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

3-I Only Ever Wanted to Fly

4-Black Water

5-Find the River

6-Beggar in the Morning


8-Closer to the Edge (acoustic version)


10-Beautiful Day

11-Wrecking Ball

12-Don’t Look Back in Anger



2 thoughts on “12 Songs

  1. Saturday mornings in fact most morning I am not drawn to the radio. Not as was when I was younger. Talk Radio or news Radio, audio books , podcast seemed to replace music.
    I have recently become attached to my Spotify. Plugging in those familiar songs that bring back so many memories.
    When I was a teen I would sit for hours with my guitar and a record player. I would play along , and sing a long. Listening to music had always been my escape, and now I listen while I read or even when I go to sleep.


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