Daily Prompt: CHUCKLE (or, Trees are AWESOME!!!!)

Today’s blogging prompt from WordPress is the single word, “CHUCKLE.”


I found myself chuckling earlier this morning, sorting through some photos, when I realized just how VERY MANY IMAGES I have of my son up some tree or other!

It’s very difficult to keep that kid out of trees. Any trees…all trees! He seriously has to exercise the greatest self-control NOT to climb. Trees are like magnets to him!

Recognizing this, his dad and I do try to let him climb whenever it’s safe to do so. He’s ten now, so he’s finally savvy enough not to climb branches that bend with his weight – which makes it much easier for us to let him go!

That being so, he climbs as often as possible:

And when it’s not possible for one reason or other, he swings:

Sometimes he just sits. (Because reposing in a tree is better, pretty much always, than any relaxation you can manage on the ground!):

If no other option is feasible, he’s taught me that there’s something worthwhile to be had in just the physical connection with a tree: touching the branches, studying the tree itself, perhaps imagining climbing:

His favorite place to pose for pictures is whatever spot means he can be in or near a tree:

And of course, in those moments when your mom is otherwise occupied (like, in taking a picture of pretty spring flowers on a branch), and your sister is more interested in climbing a nearby fence, and the tree you’d really like to climb or sit in is clearly not strong enough to allow you to do either without hurting it (or yourself), there’s pretty much always some little bit of fun that can be salvaged from a tree:


He shares the wealth too. It was his own idea to turn himself into a stairstep for his little sister, who was several inches too short to swing on this willow branch:



I think the lesson my boy would probably like me to conclude with here is that trees are not just pretty to look out, and not just useful & interesting parts of nature (providing us with oxygen and such)….but are in fact ALL-AROUND AWESOME!!!

Something to contemplate heading in to Earth Day 🙂


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: CHUCKLE (or, Trees are AWESOME!!!!)

  1. Thank you for sharing that story! Many people in my family and my husband’s family have an extreme affection for trees too. If you visit my blog at http://www.birdflight.blog you’ll see my love for trees too.

    I wonder exactly what it is about trees that your son loves? I guess there are just many. People don’t always understand their significance, let alone their beauty.

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    1. I liked climbing trees myself as a kid; I remember climbing this big apple tree in my grandparents’ yard, and how fun that was! But I have to say, I’m not, and have never been, drawn to climbing trees in this ESSENTIAL way that my boy is. He’s the kind of kid that HAS to have his hands in the dirt, too (or sand, or mud, or whatever.) It’s something to do with connecting with the Earth, I think – with the natural world. It’s really kind of fascinating to me!

      And thanks about the photography! 🙂 I seem to have fallen into the photography rabbit hole again lately. It’s kind of nice!

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