Monday Face

I took the below shot of my dog a few weeks ago. She was barking loudly at something (another dog? a person who dared to walk past the window? the sound of a door shutting down the apartment corridor? a cheeky squirrel? all of the above???), and wasn’t feeling too much like listening to me when I told her to tone it down.

After a few minutes of this, I finally called her into the room where I was working and made her lay down next to me. My basic operating framework in such instances is to call her bluff: “If you find that you absolutely MUST go on guard duty, stick next to me and guard me!” Of course, sticking with me is apparently a HUGE  DRAG compared with going from window to window and guarding the whole perimeter like a one-dog army. It really bums her out!

And this occasion was even more ignominious for her – because I actually compounded the whole thing by taking out my camera and aiming it at her. She HATES having her picture taken. (I have no idea why! I don’t use a flash…I’ve tried bribery…I’ve tried flattery. She just hates it!)

Hence this (really kind of fantastic!) expression. She was NOT happy with me:

IMG_3508It struck me that her expression here actually looks like a “Monday face ” – the kind of Monday morning feeling that comes when you REALLY don’t much feel like saying goodbye to the weekend and buckling back down to work, but you have no choice.

Which is kind of how I feel this morning! 🙂

The only problem with a really nice weekend is that it ends!!!!



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