Weekly Photo Challenge: EVANESCENT

This week’s photo challenge:

“This week, show us a moment in time that holds meaning for you….Evanescent can be any fleeting moment in time.”


My son, always tall for his age, is now, at 10, almost able to look me straight in the eye. And I’m 5’6, so I’m really not that short! This is just a TALL KID.

He generally likes his height. One of his great goals in life is to get taller than his grandpa (my dad). Neither one of my brothers made it, and my brother’s son doesn’t seem to be on a track to do it either. But Henry (my son) is looking like he has a good shot!

The downside to growing like a weed though is that your body outgrows things before your mind/emotions are ready. For example: he can pass for a 12-year-old easily – but twelve-year-olds aren’t typically as enthusiastic about playgrounds as ten-year-olds are. And the size of playground equipment often reflects this!

Moments like the one I captured below are feeling increasingly “evanescent” to me – because, honestly, that poor kid isn’t going to be able to squeeze himself into spaces like this very much longer!


All the more reason to savor these kinds of moments while we can. And visit lots and lots of playgrounds this summer, so that he can get his fill while he’s able. 🙂


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