Weekly Photo Challenge: UNUSUAL

This week’s photo challenge:

“[P]lease post a photo that is unusual in some way for you, whether it be through technique, by subject, or in some other unique way. This theme is wide open to interpretation because only you know what is unusual to you.”


I love dragonflies.

I love the way they swoop and glide over water.

I love their variety of colors.

I really, really love the fact that they eat mosquitoes!

(And then there’s all this cool stuff about dragonfly symbolism, too, that I won’t even get into here!)

In sum, dragonflies are, I think, my favorite insect – even more than butterflies (which I also like a lot.)**

But, much as I love dragonflies, I can’t MAKE them appear…and so, for most of my life, seeing them has been a rather unusual occurrence. Typically, seeing two or three in the whole course of a summer has been a lot!

But that’s all changed since I moved here (to greater-Richmond, Virginia) last summer. They’re prolific here! I encounter easily three, four, five, and sometimes even more (particularly if I’m at the pool or another water source) every single time I step out of my house. I LOVE it!!!

So, I can’t say that DRAGONFLIES are unusual in my life anymore. But PHOTOS of dragonflies? That’s another story!

They’re hard to catch, photo-wise. I almost never manage it. I think I just need to go out sometime with the conscious intention of photographing them, so I can have my camera settings set right. As it is right now, they almost always come out blurry.

I got lucky with this guy, though. He was moving from leaf-to-leaf fairly rapidly, but he didn’t seem too inclined to fly away from me. So I was able to adjust appropriately. Very satisfying!!:


So, for the moment, images like this are pretty unusual for me. I have to work on remedying that!! 🙂


**And yes, thanks to my eight-year-old daughter, I DO in fact spend a great deal of time these days pondering questions like that: What’s my favorite insect? What’s my favorite shade of blue? (for the record: it’s that purple-y blue that comes when there’s a mix of sunshine and storm clouds) What type of lemur do I like best? (ring-tail, I guess…though I don’t know my lemurs anywhere near as well as she thinks I should) Who’s my favorite Jedi of the twelve who sit on the Jedi Council? (Obi Wan, I guess [I love Obi Wan]. And yes, for better or worse, I think I actually CAN name all twelve council members without looking them up. 🙂 )

Today she asked if I’d most like to live the rest of my life as an emoji or as a word in a line of text. (emoji…no question! You can say more with visuals.)

She’s a very curious, always-thinking kind of girl! She keeps things interesting! 🙂


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