Weekend Songs :)

I’ve been playing this particular Imagine Dragons song almost constantly for the last couple of days (in my head if not actually on a music player). I would say it’s been “stuck” in my head – but “stuck” implies that it’s annoying…and I’m really not annoyed!! I think I might just be in an Imagine Dragons place right now. 🙂

Yes, now that I’m consciously considering the question, I believe I would have to say that I AM in an Imagine Dragons place.

Imagine Dragons…and also Of Monsters and Men. I think I’ve had Of Monsters and Men on pretty much every time I haven’t had Imagine Dragons this weekend.

I LOVE their album, Beneath the Skin…the whole thing. (in its entirety…which doesn’t happen that often.) But this particular song’s been my weekend favorite, I think:

Here’s another Imagine Dragons…just because:

And one more:

And then here’s one more Of Monsters and Men – just to balance things a little bit:

And as long as I’m listing songs, I’ll throw this one up here, too. I ran into this via Twitter yesterday. Though I’m not much of a Shania Twain fan, I really liked this version of this song!:

I might just like Haim doing covers of things…because I like this cover, too, much more than the original (and I do actually like Sheryl Crow and the original!):

I had a satisfying weekend, sonically-speaking, it would seem! 🙂


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