About Me

A few random facts:

  • I really like to write – and especially blog. But photography has my heart. I’ve advanced beyond “beginning photographer” now – but I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be artistically. (I have big ambitions.)


  • I’m mom to an eight-year-old girl and a just-turned-eleven-year-old boy. And besides being great kids and 2 of my best friends in the whole world, they make the best practice photography subjects around!


  • The kids’ dad and I have been separated for over five years now – thankfully amicably. We’re all about the “conscious uncoupling” – and in fact have learned that we make VASTLY better friends than marital partners! Which is fortunate, as both financial and child-rearing considerations keep rearing up and inhibiting us from completing the final legalities. If you have to be legally yoked to somebody when you’d rather not be, it’s a really, really good thing if that somebody can at least be your friend. He is. And a great co-parent too.


    • I’m not so much compelled to seek out another long-term romantic relationship to tie myself into. I think being attached like that doesn’t really suit me. (Though the SLIM possibility that I could be wrong about that, given the right person and situation, is slightly fascinating to me. In the proper mood.)


  • What DOES drive me, continuously and powerfully, is the urge to grow creatively, to develop my entrepreneurial ideas, and just generally to peel pack the layers of life and self and dive deep into the exploration of it all. And to help my kids do any and all of the above.


  • Art is a big and constant preoccupation. All kinds – from fine art to popular music, books, movies, etc. I’m drawn to things that make me FEEL – and I like trying to answer the question of why they do.
At the National Gallery of Art.
My daughter, at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Spring 2012.
  • I’m engaged in an ongoing battle with myself to remember to center and breathe and really embody my moments. I’m slowly getting better at this. Some recent strides in forming a regular meditation practice have helped a great deal. But I have a rather long way to go!


  • I’ve recently discovered that the pursuit of coding and web design skills is, weirdly, FUN!!! I say “weirdly” because I have an intense and longstanding distaste for anything that smells remotely like math, as well as an academic background in art history and a strong leaning, generally-speaking, toward the arts and humanities. In other words: I never in a million years imagined I could so happily spend as much of my time on things-coding as I have in the last couple of months. (It’s a testament, I guess, to the benefits that come when you let yourself follow your curiosity – and keep an open mind as to where that seems to be taking you!) Granted, I’m still a beginner, so my ultimate success with this stuff is not a guarantee yet – but I can vouch for the fact that I’m enjoying the learning process – quite a bit! And I think I just might turn out to be good at it, too. Who would have thought???
  • I SO MUCH want to travel more! (And write about it. And photograph it.) The reality that is mom-responsibilities + shoestring budget means that I do more dreaming and scheming at the moment than actually visiting any of the places I want to see. But I’m continuously working the problem! And exploring as much as I can locally in the meantime. My current home base is Richmond, Virginia, USA.



Other places you can find me online include:



EyeEm (a photo marketplace through which I sell stock imagery)

Live.Snap.Write. (a collaborative blog that I co-founded with writer Jenni Dowling last year. We’re currently on hiatus there, but the posts we do have up are ones we’re proud of!)


Please feel free to DM me via Twitter or just drop me a few lines on this page or at the bottom of any of my posts if you have any questions or comments for me! Feedback is always appreciated 🙂 

Thanks for reading!