12 Songs

I amuse myself sometimes by stepping outside of myself a little and consciously observing what I’m drawn to at that moment – either musically, or in reading, or in movies/video. It’s interesting! I occasionally surprise myself. (Case in point: I don’t think I’ve thought about that Def Leppard song since I was 14-ish or so!) […]

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Discover Challenge: SONG

This week’s Discover Challenge┬áproposes: “[T]ell us the story of your special connection to one song…You could embed music videos into an essay or piece of memoir, share a collection of images that are connected to a song, or even share a…playlist for a true mixtape experience.” * I’ve been mulling this challenge for the last […]

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2 Books, 2 Movies, 7 Songs

It occurred to me today that I’ve had the same seven songs on heavy rotation lately. And also that I’ve been unusually engrossed in two particular books. And also that I keep coming back in my head to the same two movies. This is rather odd behavior for me. My entertainment choices, as a rule, […]

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The 5 Songs You Should Be Listening to Right Now (according to my six-year-old daughter)

This is an update to a post I created last summer, wherein I listed my daughter’s favorite songs (drawn largely from music she hears me playing for myself.) I really enjoy playing music when she’s near and seeing what resonates with her – and talking to her about why. It’s so interesting! Both as a […]

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  I wrote previously about stumbling (via this weird, meandering, coincidental, random method) into the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. And the thing that’s been particularly noteworthy about that for me is that my interest in them is completely wrapped up in my growing interest and absorption in photography – which blossomed in the same […]

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