Daily Blogging Prompt: ORIGINAL

Today’s blogging prompt from WordPress is the single word, “original.” * One of the fun things about responding to blogging prompts, in my opinion, is that you never know quite where they’ll lead you! It’s interesting to see what comes unlocked in your head when you give yourself a starting point (like a one-word prompt) […]

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Creative Pursuits

My ex and our daughter are currently engrossed in being “art buddies.” This means that whenever either of them get interested in trying some sort of new-to-them art, they’re committed to jumping in together and giving it a go! It was drawing (anything!) with colored pencils first. Then they moved on to a particular focus […]

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Discover Challenge: WITNESS

This week’s Discover Challenge: “Who is your witness? Who sees you when you write (or draw, or snap a photo)? Do you ever imagine anyone observing you, whether over your shoulder or from across the room? Whether it’s a person, an animal, an inanimate object, or something else entirely, publish a post — in prose […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CIRCLE

This week’s photo challenge: With [“circle”], you may go literal, and look for things around you with perfectly round shapes: your wedding ring, the bubbles your daughter blows, the curvy sculptures at your local museum, or the glittery sphere that falls during a New Year’s Eve countdown. Or, you might consider what this familiar shape […]

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Tuesdays of Texture (#6)

For this week’s Tuesdays of Texture photo challenge: The Botanic Garden was displaying replicas of several DC structures, as a matter of fact. They were all pretty cool…and very full of textures! The White House, I admit, looked a little haunted-house-ish to me. But I’m not criticizing!! The replicas were so detailed and amazing. It […]

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