Snapchat Explorations

For a long time, I didn’t really see the point of Snapchat. My impression was that it was just some fad-ish thing (with its disappearing posts, etc.) Something teenagers frequented as an alternative to a Facebook utilized by their parents and grandparents. I was a little curious about it (articles like this and recommendations like this spurred my interest)  […]

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Life Attracts Life (revised)

[NOTE: I published what’s turned out to be the first draft of this post in late-October 2014. I wrote the original in kind of a free-form manner, just playing with some ideas. But the ideas have really stuck with me and I’ve been wanting to revise the post and clarify a few of my points […]

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Words or Images?

To perceive things such as trees and buildings through images delivered to the eye, the brain uses wholeness, simultaneity, and synthesis. To ferret out the meaning of alphabetic writing, the brain relies instead on sequence, analysis and abstraction. –Author Leonard Shlain (as quoted in BrainPickings.) * I was going through about a million articles last […]

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Dust in the Wind

Yesterday’s blogging prompt from WordPress was titled, “Dust in the Wind.” Here’s the prompt itself: “Have you made your bucket list? Now’s the time – write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.” * I don’t have a bucket list. I’ve tried to make them for […]

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