Some housekeeping taking place this week! Not so much in my physical house (sadly) – but in the social media and computer desktop areas of my life. Though, now that I think about it, both of these areas probably needed it more than my house! It’s been awhile since I looked things over. So, here […]

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My 5 Most-Viewed Posts of All-Time

Okay – as described yesterday, I’m going to devote a few posts coming up here to some blog-archive-based lists. I’m starting with the one that is the most straightforward to compile: a brief list (with a little commentary!) of my most-viewed posts, courtesy of my blog stats. So: MY TOP 5 MOST-VIEWED POSTS OF ALL […]

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Exploring the Blog Archives

I mentioned that I’ve been going back through my blog archives the last few days – looking for things that might need an edit (or a deletion), spot-checking some of my old links to see if they still work, etc, etc. “Housekeeping,” basically. Well, in the process, I’ve been reacquainting myself with various posts that […]

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