Kids + Snow Day + Freshly Renovated (and not quite done yet) Apartment = Complete and Utter Chaos

I’m pulling my hair out already – and it’s not even noon! I love spending time with my kids. I like when they have snow days – and unexpected extra time with me. But today?? Today’s a little problematic. The apartment is being renovated this week. It looks really nice – but it’s been difficult […]

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Aperture Experiments

When I was first venturing out of full auto mode on my camera, one of the first things I did was try Aperture Priority mode. I think my very first day with that setting produced these geese pics: I love these for some reason! I guess because my goal in photography isn’t (at least most […]

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From Ohio World to Virginia World

My ex and I are very good friends now – but it took us some time to get to this place. The “conscious uncoupling” method to ending a marriage has so many wonderful benefits to it….but make no mistake, it’s a challenge. Particularly in the beginning. It’s not particularly difficult or tricky anymore – but […]

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Black and White Experiments, Part 2

My interest in black&white photography continues to grow – and was massively accelerated a few days ago when I came across some examples of the work of photographer Kevin Saint Grey. His images encapsulate everything that appeals to me about shooting in B/W: When texture and line, light and darkness, and form are allowed to […]

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Black and White Experiments

One of the first pictures I ever took in black & white was this one: Now, it was just chance that this came out looking decent! I did like the way it was framed when I took it…so it wasn’t entirely a random piece of luck. But still, I was just messing with my camera […]

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Camera Experiments

Now that I’ve had my new camera for a month, I’m slowly getting less worried about damaging it accidentally (it’s the most expensive piece of equipment I’ve ever owned!) and a little more bold about seeing what it can do. It’s been interesting! As far as a photography knowledge-base: I’ve been trying to feel my […]

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