Tuesdays of Texture: OCTOBER 11th

Aargh! I just realized that I’ve been so undisciplined about posting over the last several months, that I haven’t participated in this photo challenge (which is actually one of my favorites!!) since JANUARY! That’s rather ridiculous. Sigh. Well, the bright side is that I’ve now noticed that – and that’s the first step toward whipping […]

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Daily Blogging Prompt: ORIGINAL

Today’s blogging prompt from WordPress is the single word, “original.” * One of the fun things about responding to blogging prompts, in my opinion, is that you never know quite where they’ll lead you! It’s interesting to see what comes unlocked in your head when you give yourself a starting point (like a one-word prompt) […]

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Creative Pursuits

My ex and our daughter are currently engrossed in being “art buddies.” This means that whenever either of them get interested in trying some sort of new-to-them art, they’re committed to jumping in together and giving it a go! It was drawing (anything!) with colored pencils first. Then they moved on to a particular focus […]

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Yes, I Dream in Color

Case in point: An incredibly vivid dream I had about a month ago. It’s strange to me that some people don’t dream in color. I always dream in color – but then again, I’m also one of those synesthetic people. Color permeates how I experience the world in a very real way…so I suppose it […]

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Seeking Color

There has to be some color somewhere! Faced with another day of overcast skies, dull greens and duller browns, I nonetheless grabbed my camera and made my daily trek to the school bus stop to meet my kids. I hadn’t taken more than a few steps out of the apartment when I realized I was […]

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