Daily Blogging Prompt: ORIGINAL

Today’s blogging prompt from WordPress is the single word, “original.” * One of the fun things about responding to blogging prompts, in my opinion, is that you never know quite where they’ll lead you! It’s interesting to see what comes unlocked in your head when you give yourself a starting point (like a one-word prompt) […]

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Snapchat Explorations

For a long time, I didn’t really see the point of Snapchat. My impression was that it was just some fad-ish thing (with its disappearing posts, etc.) Something teenagers frequented as an alternative to a Facebook utilized by their parents and grandparents. I was a little curious about it (articles like this and recommendations like this spurred my interest)  […]

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Video Thoughts: Intro Post

I’ve been thinking a lot in the last months about video – as an art form, and as a potential for storytelling. I’ve never been that interested in video before, really. I’m not sure why exactly. I certainly consume video as much as the average person, I guess. Maybe a little less – as it’s […]

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