I’ve found, as time has passed and I’ve grown older, that certain music has become part of a kind of “personal soundtrack.” I’m written before here about my experience of music and memory. And I think this is a profoundly true statement: “In memory, everything seems to happen to music.” ~Tennessee Williams But this “soundtrack” […]

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Red String Magic

I was straightening up today and came upon some yarn I’d given my daughter for some game she was playing. It was red yarn, a string of it. And it got me thinking again about something I read a week or two ago, via WordPress’s Daily Post: “The “red string” is an ancient belief that […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: THRESHOLD

“I care that I can reach a hand out in the darkness and feel another hand.” –Amanda Palmer (taken from a WONDERFUL blog post she published yesterday on the power of social media for connecting people.) * Social media – particularly blogging – has made such a difference to me in the last few years. […]

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Coming Into the Holiday Season

There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel…I don’t know. I used the word “melancholy” in my last post when I was referencing this feeling – and I chose that word because I couldn’t come up with a better word choice. It’s sort of the right choice.  But not quite. Here’s the […]

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