Mindfulness & Me

I’ve been interested for quite some time now in both the idea and practice of mindfulness. (You can see that interest sprinkled all over this blog!) Mindfulness – the need for it, the attempts to develop it, the changes it brings when I manage to be effective with the practice of it – touches every aspect of […]

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Life and Blogging

A few weeks ago, on the heels of a very unmotivated year of blogging (actually, probably more accurately, an unmotivated eighteen months at least of blogging), I posed a question to myself: “Is it worth it to continue to blog?? Has this just run its course for me? Do I still have a purpose here?” I […]

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Need Some Poolside Reading Material?

Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer series (a series of urban fantasy novels) really grabbed me hard a few months ago. (see the “Last 5 Books I’ve Read” section here.) I read the entire thing straight through really fast (because they all continue into each other, and I had to see what happened!) – and then, at the end, […]

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Snapchat Explorations

For a long time, I didn’t really see the point of Snapchat. My impression was that it was just some fad-ish thing (with its disappearing posts, etc.) Something teenagers frequented as an alternative to a Facebook utilized by their parents and grandparents. I was a little curious about it (articles like this and recommendations like this spurred my interest)  […]

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Creative Pursuits

My ex and our daughter are currently engrossed in being “art buddies.” This means that whenever either of them get interested in trying some sort of new-to-them art, they’re committed to jumping in together and giving it a go! It was drawing (anything!) with colored pencils first. Then they moved on to a particular focus […]

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