Discover Challenge: HOPE GONE VIRAL

This week’s Discover Challenge, from WordPress’s Daily Post editors: “…[T]ake a moment to speak out about an act of kindness that you’ve come across recently. As the year comes to a close, find that glowing ember of hope that makes you excited for 2017.” * I love this week’s challenge. I think it’s not only […]

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Discover Challenge: SONG

This week’s Discover Challenge proposes: “[T]ell us the story of your special connection to one song…You could embed music videos into an essay or piece of memoir, share a collection of images that are connected to a song, or even share a…playlist for a true mixtape experience.” * I’ve been mulling this challenge for the last […]

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Discover Challenge: HERE AND NOW

This week’s Discover Challenge from WordPress’s Daily Post: “It can be so easy to lose track of the present — the very moment you’re experiencing right now. …This week, we want you to choose a moment and capture it in the medium you love best.” * I was waiting outside of my kids’ school to […]

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Discover Challenge: WITNESS

This week’s Discover Challenge: “Who is your witness? Who sees you when you write (or draw, or snap a photo)? Do you ever imagine anyone observing you, whether over your shoulder or from across the room? Whether it’s a person, an animal, an inanimate object, or something else entirely, publish a post — in prose […]

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