Anxiety Antidotes

Something I’ve mentioned in previous posts, but haven’t talked about in any kind of concentrated detail, is the fact that I’ve experienced a big uptick in anxiety in the last two years+. It’s been a little rough! At this point in time, I do understand the roots of why the issue has come about (it’s […]

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Creative Pursuits

I miss the ocean!!! I only got there once this summer. Better than nothing…but not anywhere near enough time! So here are my feet beside the Atlantic Ocean from two summers ago, to go with “Atlantic.” (I really like that song!) *** I’m posting this pic also because I’ve been practicing a little with Gimp…and […]

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Rediscovering Art

  I ended that last post by noting that it was in the course of going through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way that I was struck by an urge to paint. This was a first for me. And let me just stop right there and note that there’s a reason I never painted before. It’s because I’m […]

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Seeking Color

There has to be some color somewhere! Faced with another day of overcast skies, dull greens and duller browns, I nonetheless grabbed my camera and made my daily trek to the school bus stop to meet my kids. I hadn’t taken more than a few steps out of the apartment when I realized I was […]

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