Weekly Photo Challenge: TRIO

  This week’s photo challenge: “What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme, Trio.“ * (Those are my third-grade son’s lace-up shoes, my black boots, and my first-grade daughter’s fringe-y “Pocahontas” boots. 🙂 ) It drizzled all day yesterday, clearing up RIGHT before I had to walk up and get these […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ON THE WAY

This week’s photo challenge: “For this week’s photo challenge, stop and photograph the metaphorical roses (or the literal tulips). Share a shot of something you saw, did, or experienced on the way: a photo not of your destination, but of an interesting thing along the way. Show us something stunning others might have missed, or find […]

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Through My Eyes

I’ve posted this photo here before: It’s of my kids, from last summer – and it’s actually one of my favorite portraits of them. I’m intrigued by the way it captures something essential about each of them, despite the fact that you can’t see their faces. Take my son (who loves to climb anything and […]

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